Sirius, The Brightest Star in the Night Time Sky


30th January 2012

Dear Zaid,

Today I want to tell you a story titled The Brightest Star in the Night Time Sky.

The Moon has been going through one of the hardest phase of her life. The moon always ask God to give her His sign to keep moving on by twinkling one of His star.

God did not directly answer her prayer. Instead, God told Fate to send The Moon  an answer in disguise, The Mirror.

It took some time for the moon to know who The Mirror really was, for The Mirror mostly only shows her reflection, and point the things that always holding her back. The Mirror always listens patiently to all of her fear and worries. But never reveal it self.

Little by little The Moon manages to see the rays that radiate from The Mirror. The Mirror turns out to be the brightest night time star in the sky. Sirius.

God give her an answer in disguise. His answer to her prayer is Sirius.

And now The Moon could see her reflection and at the same time learn to get to know better about who The Mirror really is.

In the beginning, little that she know that The Mirror is the star she was looking for.

The Moon and Sirius are best friend in the night time sky now. For they both value silence and solitude.

They learn from each other how to make the journey through the galaxy as colorful as possible. Well actually, The Moon has to learn much more than Sirius. Sirius always shows her direction when she feels lost.

There are no words that could describe The Moon gratitude towards Sirius.

And now for the time being The Moon couldn’t see where Sirius is. She’s worry because Sirius is also facing “a test” from God. The Moon wish that she could help Sirius anyway she can. How she want to say that everything will be all right. To say she will always be there, they way Sirius always there to help her at the worst time of her life. All she can do is pray.

So last night she pray to God for Sirius well being, and she ask all her friend in the night time sky to help her. Too look out for Sirius for her.

And she whisper to the wind,

“Sirius, all of us in the night time sky are looking after for you. We are all in your favor. Everything will be alright! When you feel lonely all you have to do just see the sky. We are all there to accompany you.”

“You’re the one who told me that all burden in this life will be less heavy when I have someone to share it with. Now I want to say the same thing to you.”

“I will be here, if you ever need anything. I will always be here.”

Hoping that the wind will take her words to Sirius. Where ever Sirius is.


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  1. life is up and down as usual 🙂
    Liat foto2nya ayid lucu banget…
    kalo udah besar dia pasti seneng baca blog ini, knowing that you love him this much (and more)

    “Ayiid salam kenal dari tante ajeng :*)”

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