Aurora and The Dragon


12th February 2012

Dear Zaid,

Today I want to tell you a beautiful story about Aurora and The Dragon

Have you ever heard about aurora ? a natural light display in the sky.  Have you ever heard the myth about dragons ?  I want to tell you a story about Aurora and The Dragon.

Aurora is the place where dragons were born. The dragon represent kindness, sincerity and nobility. Once the egg were hatch, the dragon will be sent to the earth in human forms to spread the quality that he carried among humans. His task will be fulfilled when his human form died. Then the dragon soul will return to Aurora and reincarnate as a new dragon egg that will carry a new task.

Aurora has been doing this role her entire life. At one point, Aurora feel so lonely, she was missing something she don’t understand. Out of her loneliness, when she was hatching a certain egg, she accidentally transfer a part of her heart to the dragon and a part of the dragon heart reside in her heart to.

The dragon then fly to the earth and live his life as a human. The dragon carry a part of Aurora’s heart. So Aurora were able to see the dragon from the sky. In his human form, the dragon were named Sam by his earth parents. From he was little Sam always feel that someone in the sky always looking out for him. For a part of Sam’s heart reside in Aurora’s. Of course he didn’t remember who Aurora was. But he could feel her presents when he was looking at the sky at night.

Mean while in the sky, Aurora experience the strangest feeling that she could not understand. Her heart always skip a beat whenever she saw visions of Sam, it’s like a thousand butterflies flying inside her stomach. So she create a song to sing whenever she feel that she miss Sam, the dragon that carry a part of her heart. The lyrics were like this :

“My heart told me I can’t pretend, This are the words I want to send. I want to tell you but don’t know when. This feeling, I don’t know what’s the meaning of. Let this be the feeling of my own, that no one could ever know. My heart melt when you smile, I’m missing you when you far a mile. Even I doubt you will care, it’s just my heart i want to share.”

Sam could hear the song and Aurora’s voice in his sleep. He always wonder who she was. Due to his life as human, eventually Sam was in love with another human. They will get married and form a family.

Aurora feel like a bee just sting her heart. It was jealousy. Why can’t she live like human. Why can’t she be the one for Sam. Sam carry a part of her heart and so does she. Aurora has all the time in the world to think about her feeling. Then she conclude, it was no use to keep the discontentment. She has her role to be fulfilled and so does Sam. Even though that she didn’t deny her feeling to Sam. The only way is to be sincere with her love.

Love does not always have to be returned. A true, unselfish and sincere love will always find it’s own course. A pure meaning of love is to be able to give love with no expectations. Aurora finally understand this. She still look out for Sam from high above the sky and still miss him from time to time, and when she miss him she’ll sing the song. The wind carry the song to Sam’s sleep. So he unconsciously knew, that somebody out there always sing that song for him.

Sam grow old and finally fulfill his task on the earth. When his human form died. His dragon soul fly to the sky to where Aurora is. He finally meet her and recognize the voice.

“It was you, it was you all along”, he said.

“Yes dear dragon, I’m here, always here. For you carry a part of my heart and so does I. Now you are here, I am wondering whether you want to return it, a part of my heart, and I will return yours.”

“No, let me carry it for eternity. So no matter how many time I will be reborn.  We will always have each other. Thank you Aurora. Your love always make me feel that I am not alone.”

“So does yours dear dragon. You teach me how to love unconditionally, unselfishly. For me that was the greatest gift for I didn’t feel lonely anymore. Let it be then. Even though we couldn’t be together, we will always have each other.”

“Yes, let it be”, the dragon conclude.

So he become an egg again, that someday Aurora will hatch and send to earth. The cycle will be keep repeating.  For eternity.

As Aurora said, even though they couldn’t be together, they will always have each other.  For eternity.


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