Snowflakes Adventure


8th of March 2012

Dear Zaid,

Snowflakes family lives up high in the sky. They have a certain rite of passage to achieve maturity. Every little snowflakes has to go to the ocean for later re-evaporated to their home, up in the sky. If they manage to comeback, then they are considered to be an adult snowflakes.

A certain little snowflakes is so eager to see the ocean..

“Mommy, what is it like, the ocean? How can I get there as soon as possible?”

He asked his Mother everyday..

“Be patient my child, first you have to be strong to start the journey, for it is a very dangerous journey. You have to be ready.” His mother replied.

“I can’t wait any longer Mommy, I am going, with or without your blessing!!” Said the little snowflakes angrily.

“Dear child, you have to know that there are plenty ways for us to get to the ocean.  You can choose the simplest and fastest way by riding the cloud. Or.. you can choose plenty of other ways.. You can melt or later swim with the river towards the ocean. Whichever path you decide to take, it will lead you to an unknown journey that hopefully will lead you to become a mature snowflakes.”

“May you choose the best path my child. You will always have my blessing and I will always be here, waiting for you to complete your journey.”

Eventually the little snowflakes leave their home. He chooses the hard path. He melt and merge with the river. He swim and swim and swim. Playing with all kind of fish, avoiding to be swallow by predators, avaporated and melted repeatedly, and many other obstacles. Deep down he knows that he might not going to make it to the ocean, for he still has a very long journey to carry on.

To be honest the little snowflakes could choose the easiest way. But he knows that his choices will determine what kind of adult snowflakes he’ll become. And his choice will be his way to reach home, up in the sky. So he chooses to take the most adventurist way possible and enjoy the journey towards home and learn a lot of things from it.

What the little snowflakes become? We still don’t know yet..

You may see him in a drop of morning dew, you may see him a drop of rain, or you may even see him in the river, swimming happily towards the ocean.

Life is always going to be full of choices and struggles. May we always be the one who get stronger and be a better version of our self every step of the way.


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